Sport psychology in institutions

We conduct teaching assignments in various educational institutes with an aim to spread sport psychology education in the country and make it available for aspiring students of Psychology & Sport Psychology.

Symbiosis School of Liberal Arts (Pune)

Modern College (Pune)

Tata Institute of Social Sciences (Mumbai)

Jai Hind College (Mumbai)

International Institute of Sports Management (Mumbai)

Sport psychology mentoring

Students who are interested in learning about the work of a sport psychologist and want to get practical experience in the field can get an opportunity to intern and train with us.

As a first step we recommend you to take up India's first Certificate Course in Sport and Performance Psychology via an e-learning platform which will give you an in-depth understanding of applied sport psychology.

If you are exploring the field further you can apply for Samiksha's Annual Internship Program conducted each year in August/September.

If you are invested within the field and would like to make sport psychology your career option we recommend you to apply for our specialised 6 months Mentorship Program .

Contact us on +91 8308 867600 for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are interested in sport psychology being taught at our educational institute. How can we proceed?

Contact us to know how we can curate a program for your students.

I am keen on pursuing my education in sport psychology. How can you help me?

We offer mentorship to prospective students of sport and exercise psychology so that they get an understanding of what the field entails in terms of academics and applied practice. Additionally, our online certificate course in sport and performance psychology aims at giving prospective students an overview of the applied practice aspect of the field. Contact us to know more.

I have completed my education in sport psychology. How can I proceed?

Contact us with your CV to take your enquiry further.

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