Sport Assessments

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the various kinds of assessments?

We have an array of psychological assessments for athletes that allow you to understand dimensions such as confidence, concentration, sports anxiety, motivation and so on.

Will I get a report of the result?

Yes once the athlete has completed the test, a report will be generated.

Who are the assessments suitable for?

Athletes above the age of 12 playing at any level and across sports can take the tests.

What can I do to see progress in my mental training?

As mental training needs active attention and efforts to develop consistently, you will benefit from doing proactive mental training similar to physical training. We suggest you book our Mental Skills Toolkit as a first step to your mental training.

How can individual athletes/athletes at an academy avail these assessments?

For enquiries regarding assessments, please contact us at

I have scored well on a test. What can I do next?

Mental training aims at supporting you to understand your mental strengths and help you reach even higher peaks of mental strength. You can capitalise on your strengths from the test results via individual mental training sessions. Visit the sport counselling section to book your individual taster session.

Can I cancel once I book?

No, you cannot cancel once the booking has been done.

How are the assessments conducted?

The assessments are conducted on our online platform. On request and availability, we may also schedule a zoom call to get the assessment done from the athlete along with a sport psychologist*.

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