Supporting the mental health of athletes

The importance of mental health amongst sportspersons has increased recently. Being mentally healthy has as much to do with progress and success as being physically fit or technically sound. Then why has the mental health of athletes been neglected until now?

Leading teams towards excellence

Leading teams across a myriad of situations requires coaches to create a supportive environment that will transform players in a sustainably positive way through their leadership skills. As a coach, how can you lead your team towards excellence?

Should athletes reflect on their sport and life?

Understanding one’s own thought process and emotions and their relation to performance, gives athletes the added edge. Being self-aware, for starters, enables athletes to take steps towards becoming confident across diverse situations. If you have wondered how to become mentally stronger, this is your first step.

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Is the coach-athlete relationship really important?

Athletes often look upto their coaches as a source of inspiration and guidance in their sporting journey. So let’s explore how getting a deeper understanding of the coach-athlete relationship is bound to help athletes.

Are we communicating with athletes in a helpful way?

The path to sporting excellence is filled with opportunities and obstacles where athletes have to make plenty of decisions. Realising the intricacies of communication will help us support and understand athletes in terms of how they feel confident and motivated.

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